Online Media

Online media is the latest essential tool to market your brand. It's fast, convenient and affordable, and can communicate your message quickly.

At GH2 Design we can put together your ideal online media campaign to suit your business needs. Ensuring clever and effective ways to grab the attention of many online communities and customers - far beyond other reaches!

Below are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Web design and development (click to see more)

    Your website is an instant reflection of you and your business. Often it's the first port of call for a new client and you must impress them - immediately.

    Like your marketing material, your website needs to reflect your brand, communicate effectively and prompt the desired call to action.

    GH2 Design is committed to creating a unique, functional website designed with your business strategy, target audience and objectives in mind. Together we journey through an in-depth briefing process to arrive at your ideal website design.

    Your aim is to showcase your product or service, increase your online enquiries and sales, or perhaps simply to project a more professional image to prospective clients. Our team has the expertise to create an engaging, logical site that is easy to navigate and motivate to action. See some inspiring examples right here.

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential. We assist you to ensure your site is easily located through Google and the top search engines.

  • E-newsletters (click to see more)

    E-newsletters are a convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly way to communicate your messages quickly - straight to your client or prospect. They are a great way to maximise the potential of your website, keep clients and customers up-to-date, and ensure your brand is first in mind. 

    At GH2 Design we develop effective email marketing strategies that are clean, eye-pleasing and functional. See some inspiring examples right here.

    Statistics speak a thousand words. With every email campaign we follow up with full statistical reporting, to reveal what's important to your clients. We provide detail on click-through rates, who opened your E-newsletter, and more importantly, who clicked through to your website to find out more.

  • E-reader e-books and pdf e-books (click to see more)

    E-books are the latest trend in print and the way of the future. Interactive e-books and e-publications, or ‘collapsable’ books, such as those sold through Amazon and Kindle, can be easily read on devices such as ipads and iphones.

    GH2 Design has the technology to create workable e-reader e-books, and books in pdf format if you prefer.

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